A Man and his Dogo

“What matters is we have each other”

Siddharth says…

Saacha had changed 3 homes before he chose me. Dogs like him are very sought after because of their unusual breed. People wish to own Dogo Argentinos because they are good looking and unique but very few people actually make an effort to understand what it takes to care for them and give them a fair chance. Before you know it, they feel the dog is aggressive or stubborn and they don’t want any part in it’s life anymore. Saacha’s story too began this way with his first 2 families giving him away because of his so called “dominating” nature. When he was with his 1st family, he met with an unfortunate accident which left him physically scarred to an extent. Even though he can walk, run and do everything a regular dog does, his previous family didn’t want him anymore after the accident. I guess they just wanted a “perfect looking” dog and even a minor deformity was not tolerated. When I heard about Saacha, I was saddened because I have had dogs all my life and I know how unconditionally they love their humans. And here he was, being given away just because of a physical deformity which doesn’t even make a difference in his day to day life.

I adopted Saacha and brought him home. It may sound like I rescued him, but in fact he was the one who rescued me. I was struggling in my career when he came into my life. I was almost in depression because it seemed like nothing was going right, I wasn’t getting some desired projects, etc. But Saacha proved to be my inspiration. I would look at him and realise how happy he is despite being abandoned thrice and having a deformity. None of that seemed to bother him, he was just enjoying the simple things in life and living in the moment. I felt I had a lot to learn from him and I felt motivated and consoled having him by my side. He loved me for who I was, my achievements and failures didn’t matter to him. If he could speak, he would surely say “Hang in there, things will get better.” And they did! I started feeling positive and kept myself busy by exploring different things. We are blessed to live in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Mumbai called Vasind which has plenty of naturally beautiful landscapes like hills, lakes, streams, forests, etc. where I started taking Saacha to unwind. I like seeing him run freely, explore new sights and smells, breathe fresh air and play in clear waters. From time to time, I even organise camps for nature lovers in the area. Having Saacha in my life brought immense positivity and and strength in me which was seriously lacking before his arrival. He made me realise that it is not what we have, but who we have in our lives that matters.

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