Create Kala ( Handicrafts )

Word ‘Kala’ means ‘Art’ in Sanskrit Language. According to me everything has its own beauty, everything is an Art. It’s not bounded in any form; it’s free from borders and it includes any form of art handmade or digital. I am Ketki, an Artist, who sells handicrafts and also take workshops. Previously I was working in corporate sector but my aim and my passion towards Art led me to start this handicraft business named “Create Kala”.
Here we manufacture and sell handmade products such as Diwali lanterns, artistic umbrellas, wall decors, canvas painting, murals etc. which makes a house look “Hatke” (Unique) positively eccentric.
My aim is to reach nooks and corners of the city and to each and every individual. To help them decorate their homes in affordable prices.

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