WestLok (Rap Crew) Representing THANE City

WestLok is hip hop crew representing Thane West. They have 4 people in their crew and go by the names Lil P, Punk, Ray and Slobrn.
And yes we are Sulonians!  Except for Slobrn he is from Lok Puram.
We love hip hop from our heart coz it is the way to express ourselves. We talk about social problems in our society which people see everyday but nobody talks about them in their daily life, it’s like Everybody sees but Nobody knows.
When we say we are rappers that doesn’t mean we do some whack songs on a flashy beat. We are here to do some real deal. Hip hop is not about fancy beats and expensive high budget videos they are essential but sometimes when the beat is not playing in your ears and everything you hear is syllables, that’s where the real hip hop lies.

“WestLok” as the name suggests it means people from the West.
WestLok was established in August 2018. But we were into hip hop since childhood but never into writing raps.
We used to listen to rappers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre and how can we forget Biggie and Tu Pac. We knew how music felt like and how hard it hits when you can relate.

In 2018 desi hip hop had a break through and was spreading quickly day by day, and we were ones who used to just listen every other new song that got released. One day while having a random chat on messenger we started sending 2 liners and soon the 2 liners became 4 liners. And the next day Ray came up with a track and we listened to it and we could relate what he said coz we wrote about things that we see and experience everyday. And that was the moment when we got really into hip hop. And soon we were on board with Ray.

And here we are now saying “Sab Saath Mein Hai!” Since we have been together since childhood. “Sab Saath Mein Hai!” is our tag line which describes us, gives us power and motivation.

Sab Saath Mein Hai!

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