Shinny Cuddle Interior Design

Shiny Cuddle

Every relationship be it mother-daughter, father-son, best friends or lovers the very foundation of it is love. Love and trust makes every relationship shine brighter & tighter, so the name for this jewellery brand is derived from this very thought about. We think that when you put on the jewellery it cuddles you with the affection of your loved one and it shines as bright as your relationship with them. 
This brand idea was co-created by Aniket Arvind Palande (Film Director /Designer) and his Interior designer friend Sandeepkant Khambe.
The brand creates customized designs according to the clients wish, they provide Jewels for every occasion and keeping that in mind designers have designed the store interior that reflects the brand ethics. It is simple and comfortable just the way the brand is about their jewellery concepts. The whole interior of the shop gives you access to view each and every display of the shop. Some of the best products are put up on the entry columns created for display to attract the customers inside.
The seating arrangements are done keeping in mind the customers comfort. If you enter the shop on a precise crowded time there are beautiful sofas to sit and wait. 

As you enter, the right wall is filled with photographs of diverse designs and products the brand has to offer. The left and front wall has shelves in box designs to display some antique product designs.

As well as the huge mirrors are fitted on the left and front wall between the shelves for customers to see how the jewel piece they chose cuddles them. Also there is an advertising poster hung up on the wall which showcases brands commercial.
Flooring titles are chosen according to the color palette and creative design elements used in the store interior, which adds up to the beauty of the store. Perfect lighting to highlight the jewellery details. So regarding it the store has spot lights to adore customers while trying on the jewellery, with a special chandelier that make the store look more brighter and sharp.
As the store is spacious enough to view every corner customers and employees confidentiality is considered by designing a semicircular shaped reception desk, which doesn’t let out the private official information. There are glass tables for displaying brands collection and trying it on.

Zengin Interiors always puts the clients needs in the first place, we plan according to the budget and brand reputation. And according to what the client has to offer. We aim to design and deliver artworks that everyone would appreciate and that’s how we plan to be the best choice of our clients. 

Client – Shiny Cuddle
Design Firm – ZENGIN Interiors
Interior Designer – Sandeepkant Khambe & Aniket Arvind Palande
Software execution –
Sandeepkant Khambe and Prajakta Joshi
Software –
Google Sketchup and Indigo Render